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Monday, 24 November 2008


Internet marketing! Who knew it would be so involved and tricky! My website is up and running and I am using the analogy of a small shop in a tiny street half a mile from the High Street. How do I let people know that my shop exists and how do I entice them away from the High Street?

Having just about gotten over my fear of breaking the internet if I press a button on my keyboard, I have delved into the world of internet marketing wholeheartedly. I am signed up to countless newletters, mailing lists and clubs. I have read reams of paper about how to do pay-per-click, write articles, conduct an online interview, load up a video etc, etc, etc. I have some missive or other about every aspect of internet marketing. My problem now is how to put all the pieces together. And I was beginning to suffer from email overload so I have started a ruthless pruning exercise to get my inbox down to manageable proportions.

One of the most difficult things to do in the world of internet marketing is to write good copy. It is certainly a fine art but hopefully one I can master some day. Good practice, they say, makes perfect. I have tried to sound exciting without seeming hysterical and knowledgeable without being school-marmish. Not enough people have seen me frantically waving on the corner of my road though. Maybe the online equivalent of fishnet tights and a garter? Hmmm!