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Monday, 5 January 2009


Do you know, I think I deserve a PhD in Procrastination. I have never met anyone so determined to do everything else except the thing I am supposed to be doing!

I set myself the target of revamping my filing system to put some order into the mountain of paper littering my office. I found all the sorting and categorising quite therapeutic - for about five minutes. I came across a report I had downloaded on web design and of course I just had to find the email it came with so that I could follow the hyperlinks to further free reports that I had evidently missed the first time round. While I was looking for that email I came across another email with an audio attachment from someone talking about converting websites hits into actual sales. So I listened to that audio for about an hour before I remembered the teetering piles of paper around me.

This is a really bad habit of mine so I have added it to my growing list of New Year resolutions. I must remember to write out I MUST NOT PROCRASTINATE a hundred times otherwise I will drift off in another direction and forget to keep focussed. Which reminds me ................

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