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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Ezine Articles

I have been spending a bit of time writing articles for EzineArticles.com about a variety of topics to do with young children's learning activities. The titles are:

- How to select books for young children
- How to encourage children to read
- Tips for parents - how to find time to teach young children
- Pre-school learning - strategies to make learning fun

It has been a lot of fun. There are two more in the pipeline and I plan to write more in the coming months.

I love the discipline of writing articles. Thinking of a topic to write about was not as hard as it seemed at first. My passion for education, especially where it concerns young children, gave me lots to choose from. The difficulty was selecting one question to answer that might help readers interested in that area.

For each article, I began with a working title, just to focus my thoughts on the topic I wanted to cover. Writing the article itself was challenging in that the content needed to be concise, interesting with a natural flow yet convey all the information I wanted to put across. It took time to order my words so that there was a logical beginning, middle and end and reworking my first draft required a bit of ruthlessness and willingness to cut out anything that was not absolutely to the point. When I got to the end I went back to the title and spent time deciding on words that would convey exactly what the article was about so that readers searching through the many articles available would not have to waste time reading the first paragraph or so to find out if the piece contained information they were looking for.

All in all, this is something I find very absorbing and entertaining. I just need to find enough time in my schedule to sit down and write on a regular basis. Not easy when you are managing a business, organising a wedding, travelling, attending several seminars and running a home. Still, it keeps me off the streets and, to my husband's delight, out of the shops!

Artlcles can be viewed on www.ezinearticles.com. Just click on the Expert Author logo in the side panel and search for Mary L Anderson.

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