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Tuesday, 18 December 2007


It's no good! I can't cope with driving around for 45 minutes looking for a parking space or fighting my way through the crowds. I have decided that rather than cancel Christmas, everyone will be getting a goat. Actually I think that is a really good idea. Not only is it a solution to my shopping problems but I think my folks will actually like such a gift.

Not long ago I heard a lady on the TV saying what a naff gift these charity presents were. "Who the hell wants a bag of seeds for Christmas?" she cried. Well I would just love it. Not for myself of course but if it was sent on my behalf to someone who could really use it, I would be really, really pleased. To think that something so small can mean something so big.......

I always give money to people collecting for charity but that's not good enough. If I can find the time to watch a TV programme, I can find the time to write a cheque and send it off to the RNLI or Imperial Cancer Research. I think I will do that right now.


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