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Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Well, here I am. Blogging! Another notch in my belt for 2007. This year has been a mammoth one for me. Writing and illustrating books, finding out that there is a parallel universe on the internet that I was unaware of , learning about internet marketing, putting together a website (not quite yet) and now blogging! This is mega for me. I was around when duplicating was done on a large, noisy machine which needed a lot of energetic winding of the handle to produce the copies!

Yesterday I sent the final, final proofs of my children's workbooks to the printers only (horrors!) to find one of the characters, a bee called Boo, had somehow lost his wings. What is it with these insects and animals! Someone is always missing a whisker or a tail! Anyway, very kind printer let me change the drawing. I will soon take delivery of a vast number of books.

I attended a conference last Saturday and showed the pre-launch copies. There was a little interest and I have had a few queries so hopefully Boo the bee, Loki the ladybird, Kubby the kitten, Muti the mouse and Seb the spider will find their way into some little hands soon.

Tomorrow I will be the guinea pig in my daughter's fitness coach exam. I am always happy to help except that beautiful, sweet-natured daughter morphs into Atilla the Hun at the mere sight of a cross-trainer or a rowing machine . Fingers crossed for me please!


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